Legal Help Resources

Free Legal Information and Court Forms 


  1. Business/Individual Money & Debt Issues (TX) - free legal information and forms by
  2. School & Work Issues (TX) free legal information and forms by 
  3. Family, Divorce, & Children (TX) - free legal information and forms by  
  4. Guide to Texas Conservatorship (Child Custody/Parenting Plans) - easy to use guide and parenting time scheduler. 
  5. Veterans & Military (TX) - free legal information and forms by 
  6. EFILE TEXAS Self help service that allows electronic pro se filing of Texas court documents. Court filing fee may apply depending on the forms.  



Free Legal Help Finder/Hotlines


  1. Legal Help Finder (via - An easy search engine that can shows numerous organizations that can assist locally or nationally.  
  2. Family Law Hotlines ( via Texas State Law Library) - 
    1. Access and Visitation Hotline
    2. CPS Family Helpline
    3. Línea de Ayuda a la Familia
    4. Texas Advocacy Project