The Mediation Process

Our 6 Step Mediation Process (For Both In Person & Online)

  1. Planning - Involves administrative preparations by the mediator and parties involved, Parties need to be prepared to come to the mediation with a solution as the end intent. Keller Mediation Group will not waste the time of parties and the mediator if this intent is not communicated by the parties volunteering to mediate. 
  2. Introductions - Mediator will introduce all parties, outline the mediation process, and the guidelines for the mediation. Parties will sign Confidentiality Agreement and Agreement to Mediate. 
  3. Opening Remarks - Each party will have a chance to present their view of the issues at hand without interruptions by the other party. 
  4. Joint Discussions - Parties will begin discussionMediator will also facilitate parties to ask clarifying questions, see the dispute in a new way, focus on the future, and look for creative alternatives. 
  5. Negotiation - Mediator will assist the parties with interest based proposals rather than position based proposals to create a mutually agreed solution. Caucuses - If needed, Mediator may take time to separate parties into separate rooms to discuss confidential information that may come up regarding interests and concerns.
  6. Mediated Settlement Agreement - Mediator will draw up the mediated agreement and have both parties verify and sign. If there are legal concerns, parties are encouraged to speak to an attorney about the settlement prior to signing.